Coworking Meets Wellness

Campworks: A Coworking Space for Active Professionals and Outdoor Enthusiasts

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The growth of coworking spaces worldwide is stunning. In Boulder, Colorado alone, there are more than a dozen spaces that currently market themselves for shared office space, networking, and conference room booking. On a national level, the climbing industry is predicted to grow at a continually steady pace, expanding opportunities for new business models, collaborative exchange, and multifaceted work environments. This is our contemporary moment.  As the coworking tide rises, and the need for office space escalates—for entrepreneurs, start-ups, small business owners, and even established companies—so does the potential for new ways of thinking around how we can work and operate as communities.

When Gloria Ontiveros and her daughter, Amy Ontiveros, reflected on the opportunity to launch a shared working space in their building on South Boulder road, they immediately saw it as a chance to not only activate a positive working environment for local entrepreneurs, but also to encourage local lifestyles of outdoor enthusiasm, wellness, and work/life balance that for 25 years fueled her career as a business owner.  

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Campworks—opening it's doors in October 2017—is a sunlit, peaceful, forward-thinking and modern coworking space that values a productive environment connected to the outdoors. It will be the first coworking space in Boulder with dedicated outdoor working space (coming Spring 2018) and is located next to the South Boulder Creek trailhead with running and cycling paths to Bobolink and Marshall Mesa.  

“I know so many business owners who value time getting fresh air,” says Gloria. “Living in Colorado, it’s almost mandatory to spend time outside either enjoying the sunshine or being active. At Campworks, I want our members to be able to jump outside at any time of day for a quick break from work—go for a walk, take a quick bike ride, sit out in the sun—and then fluidly move back into a focused and peaceful workplace. We even have showers to rinse off!”

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Campworks’ outdoor workspace will provide shade structures, comfortable furniture, hi-speed wifi, and power to all members. Indoors, private offices and dedicated desks for individuals and teams of up to 14 people are available to accommodate businesses and companies of all shapes and sizes, who share a likeminded pursuit of productivity and wellness. Stay tuned for a calendar of upcoming workshops with our many local partners in Boulder!  

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