Designing Active Lifestyles

World. Meet Jessica of Inphyusion.
Boulder's greatest integrated health and wellness coach and our newest Campworks Partner.


While health coaching may ring true as isolated nutritional guidance, regime building, fitness frameworks, the path Jessica takes with her clients navigates so deeply and expansively beyond this—taking into consideration small and critical folds of your life, your physiology, your career path, your time, your goals. Health coaching within an integrated work/life framework that is the foundation of our mission at Campworks. 

“[Health coaching] is about support, behavior and accountability,” says Jessica — echoing the pillars of positive work practices, successful businesses, healthy relationships. How to be your best self, how to set realistic goals and expectations, and most importantly for us at Campworks, how to afford yourself the time and space to actually reach those goals and keep your momentum.


Designing active lifestyles for the busy and willing with an organic mix of yoga, bodywork and plant-based recipes


As an athlete, yoga instructor, massage therapist, trained nutritionist, and educated psychologist, Jessica brings a wholistic perspective to her every day that we feel could enrich and propel each of our members to maximize their energy and resources in the most effective ways. Her speciality is diversity, and shaping a vision and structure that aligns solely and exactly with you. 

Now as an integrated part of our Campworks network, Jessica is offering each new member a 30-minute one-on-one consultation to start talking about goals, how to get active, minimize stress and optimize health. 

What does it mean to visualize your ideal work/life balance? To define it in your own terms and on your own time? To achieve it in a way that feeds your work and productivity — your stamina, your mood, your health, your conversations.

Introductions aside, CAMPWORKS couldn't be more proud, grateful, and elated to announce Inphyusion and the start to an incredible collaboration. Like we say, as our partnerships continue to grow, we hope yours do too!